Hello there, I'm Laura!

I am a Mexican Graphic Designer and illustrator with a creative mind who loves to use bright bold colors, iced coffee, musicals, books, and Christmas.

My work is inspired by the resemblance between nature and women. The ethnic diversity of shapes and colors, the strong willingness to keep overcoming every obstacle, growing and flourishing despite adversity is what fills me with inspiration.

In 2020 I graduated from Mondragon University with a BFA in Graphic Design where I had the opportunity to develop my own brand of illustrated products: Laura Santiago®

Fun Facts:
My last name is not Santiago, but Flores. Santiago is the name of the town where I live in. (Santiago de Querétaro, México).
When I'm not designing or drawing, you can find me baking or watching Friends for the 1,000 time. (I just can´t help it).
Thanks so much for visiting my site! If you love what you see and you’re interested  on working together on a illustration project you can reach me at: laurasantiagomx@gmail.com I would love to hear from you!

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